A Little About Me

My Background

Hello! My name is Vanessa. I am an Artist originally born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I now reside towards the south where there is warm weather and palm trees. Since I was a little girl creating artwork has always brought me peace and happiness. I grew up watching my mother paint as my mom is an artist as well. My mom introduced me to art at a very young age and always encouraged me to practice. I love creating but did not pursue it as a career. My studies revolved around psychology so for the most part I would say I am a self-taught artist.

My Experience

At the age of 6, I began drawing and continued to draw/sketch all the way up to high school. I started diving deeper into my art in 2020 when I wanted to pursue graphic design but decided to do something away from the digital world. I got started back into my craft because what I studied in school and had a career in was not enough for me.

My Vision

I create a form of abstract art with a splatter of extra color. Without a bit of extra color, my paintings would not be unique.